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Ozmall 温泉・リゾート予約


  • ポイント1 編集部厳選ホテルだけを掲載
  • ポイント2 OZでしか予約できない限定宿泊プラン
  • ポイント3 アニバーサリープランではゆったりをお約束!
  • ポイント4 当日予約が可能
  • ポイント5 東京OLのリアルなクチコミ付き

【For foreigners】
Web media for women with 3.2 million members. If you want to book a hotel or inn selected by the editorial department, Oz Mall. It is an accommodation reservation site where you can use the popular facilities that the editorial department actually visited and carefully selected from the viewpoint of women, such as first-class luxury hotels, luxury inns, business hotels, and hot spring inns. You can search for the best deals for your travel needs. Full of information such as reviews and reputations by actual users, ranking of the number of reservations, etc.



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